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Purpose Driven Coaching

Finding God’s purpose for my life

What is my purpose and calling? This may be one of the most popular questions that believer of Christ ask themselves.

If you want to find the answer to this question, the first thing you must do is seek God first. Here are a few ways to seek God:

You must have a personal relationship with Jesus. Jesus’s great plan and purpose for your life revolves around Him receiving the glory and changing the lives of more people. God’s plan for your life begins with you surrendering your life to Him. Like Matthew, you won’t find God’s purpose for your life until you trust Him as your Savior. Read the Bible. God’s purpose for your life directly lines up with His ultimate purpose of saving all people

(2 Peter 3:9). God has given His people the Bible as one of the primary ways He reveals truth. The best way to know God’s purpose for your life is to spend time getting to know Him and allowing Him to reveal Himself to you. Actively serve in the local church. God’s plan to reach the world directly involves the local church. God gifted His people to serve in the Church to spread the Gospel to the entire world (See Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12). Use the questions in this study to determine your passions, skills, abilities and gifts. Once you discover them, get involved. As you get involved, you will see Jesus use those abilities, and you will begin to discover what His purpose for your life is.

One thing to note: finding God’s purpose for your life is a process. For some, it is short process and for others it is a long process, but He does have a plan for everyone. Be patient and wait on the Lord to reveal this to you because He will. It is important to note that living out God’s purpose for our lives is an ongoing process. One step leads to a next step. Through each step God calls you to, He reveals more of His purpose for your life.